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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Google Calendar integration in Outlook

Are you using Outlook to synchronize yout cell phone/pda? Now Google Calendar has finally arrived and it looks way better then Outlook -- but I still want to synchronize my phone and pda.

The solution is Remote Calendars. It allows you to integrate an iCal calendar into Outlooks Calendar. To use Remote Calendars you have to use Outlook 2003 (it seems nobody tested it with Outlook 2002 yet).

Installation is quite easy:
  • At first you have to install Visual Studio Toos for Office -- a Microsoft addon, hard to find ;)
  • Then grab Remote Calendars 4.81 VSTO and install it. (It works for me. You will nedd the .Net Framework 2.0 which Windows Update installs for you. Some people reported problems with this version at the forums. There is an Remote Calendars version for .Net Framework 1.1 but I didn't try it.)
  • At the next start of outlook you get a new toolbar which lets you add new remote iCals.
You could even publish your own local calendar as iCal (if you have access to an webdav server afaik). And synchronizing with phone works again :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

3D images

Milked has some cool 3D pictures. If you dont' know the technique: you have to cross your eyes to see the picture.

(For me) the easiest way is to sit around 1,5 metres in front of the screen and hold one finger about 30 centimetres before me eyes. Now I look at my finger and move it back and forth (very slowly). At one pint, the picture in the back begins to form very vaguely. Then i try to concetrate on the picture in the middle without looking at the right or left picture.

Have a try, it's really cool.

3D cat from milked

Thursday, April 13, 2006

incredible machines

Did you play "The Incredible Machine (TIM)" in the early 90's? Now here is the real life video.


funny firefox ad

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Microsoft ...

some videos from YouTube

... makes the iPod

... makes a bra

... rules your life

... has some "assistants"

The art of eating sushi

Funny with a bit of truth:

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Light Saber Fight

Ultimate light saber fight with funny end:

via: rocketboom
created by: ryan

Thursday, March 30, 2006


A friend sent me a funny Powerpoint presentation about the song 'Volare'.

Have a look ;-) (some content is German but not relevant. 'Klatschen' means clap *g*)


Did you play the computer game creatures years ago? Now something new exciting is on the way ;-)

Spore is a computer game from Electronic Arts, planned to be released end of 2006. The website is currently not very informative, but there is a wikipedia article about it and a 35 minutes long video.

I really got addicted to this game since I saw the video. I always liked playing SimCity and Civilization (one of the best games ever imo). I will be so cool to raise this little spore and rule the universe.

I want it now :-)

via rocketboom

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

blog is infected



Tags in posts and CSS

In the last few hours I tried to tag my existing blog entries with the help of some greasemonkey scripts. The I wanted them to be aligned all in one line with nice formating.

It took me about 3 hours of learning CSS to get this done - now I wanted to link the script and found a blog entry which describes everything in 3 lines of code ;-)

At least I learned some CSS :-)

You can find my links at the user florian1999.

If want to find all my blog posts (I hope I will never forget to link them *g*) look for the tag metatron.

Rails 1.1

Ruby on Rails is an web development framework, written in -- nomen est omen -- Ruby.
Rails 1.1 boasts more than 500 fixes, tweaks, and features from more than 100 contributors. Most of the updates just make everyday life a little smoother, a little rounder, and a little more joyful.
I never did a real project in Rails but messed around a bit and it really is quite powerful rad tool. I never before could develop an blog as fast as in this video -- and you can really do it, no tricks.

What I didn't like when I tried it (about 4 months ago) was the database mangament, i.e. you had to create tables by hand in MySql (as shown in the video) and then you could use them in Rails. In python's Django it was a bit clearer for me. You describe business objects in code and the sql queries are created for you.

Today, it is more common to use migration in Rails which allows you to describe database tables as code to generate Sql. This is way better then writing queries by hand (especially for Oracle imo) but not as clear as describing business objects. But I admit, thats more a question of design philosophy.

For everyone not already addicted to Rails or Django, have a look at google and the "Snakes and Rubies" conference.

Btw: I tried both, Python and Ruby as programming languages (just for very simple programms to get a feeling) and I liked them both. But I never did stick to the intendation style of python and I like Ruby symbols and its very expressive syntax.

That said, Ruby misses tupels (e.g., a=(5,7), this is extremely expressive in many cases - and I know you can use arrays for this, but its not the same *gg*) and -- more important -- a simple syntax for multidimensional arrays.
I just don't like{} for 2 dimensions, it looks not very beautiful. Something like looks better and saves some letters ;-) Or include tupels and say x=(10,20) which gives you the same as the above example.